What Type of Ammo Should You Carry for Your Firearm?

What’s the difference between one bullet and another? Why should you carry and use this one and not that?

Well, we’ll shed some light on that issue for you.

Here’s some things to consider:

1. Types of Ammo to Avoid

Some rounds simply make no sense to use for survival. Those include:

Some of these actually can make sense to use. And typically the chief consideration becomes availability.

With the .380 Auto, that’s the smaller caliber. In terms of ballistics, it’s actually basically even with a .22LR.

And the latter is much easier to find and costs a heck of a lot less. However, with these smaller calibers, you have to be much more accurate if you intend to end the life of your target (whether human or animal).

The 38 Special really doesn’t make sense to get anymore either. It’s been around a long time and is intended for use in revolvers. However, the 9mm Luger is much more available and equally effective.

A .357 Magnum round comes with devastating power. However, you get even more power with .44 Magnum rounds and the .45 ACP is far more common. Rick on the Walking Dead uses .357 Magnum rounds, but in a world where ammo production has basically ceased, he likely wouldn’t have access to a nearly limitless supply (unless he broke into an ammo factory).

The .40 S&W gets used frequently by police. But the .45 ACP is devastating and more common.

The .500 S&W is the most powerful handgun round in the world and is intended for hunting. However, it fits a firearm that holds just 5 rounds. That means you have to be sure you can be accurate in pressure situations.

2. Narrowing the List

So if you’ve tallied right, this so far gets us down to the following ammo types:

So if you find yourself being attacked by multiple people, or stumbling upon a pack of wolves, you could be in for big trouble.

The .22 LR and 9mm Luger are much lower power. If you run into a bear, for example, you may not even be able to penetrate their skull.

Any of these rounds are lethal to humans. So if you’re preparing for defense from humans, the consideration is more capacity.

.22 LR rounds need precise placement to be lethal. Hit a person with a lot of clothing on, or if they turn to the side slightly, and it’ll take several rounds to end the encounter. But, you could easily carry 500 of these rounds in a bug-out bag without making it weigh too much.

So that’s what you need to think about with ammunition. Again, it’s a personal decision based on what you’re ready to do and how you intend to use your firearm.