This Amazing Story Shows The Value of a Survival Kit

Would you believe a woman driving in California plunged off the edge of a cliff, and had to survive on her own for a week before finally getting help?

It happened to Angela Hernandez, as reported by NBC News.

23-year-old Angela was driving in Big Sur, California. It’s one of those areas with tall cliffs, a beachfront, ocean, but no people.

Only a few cars pass through the area on occasion.

Angela swerved to miss a small animal that darted into the road. However, she went toward the side of the road with no shoulder.

…And her vehicle plunged off the edge of a 250-foot cliff.

Shockingly, she survived the fall. Upon awakening, she felt water rising to her knees, escaped from her car, and made it to the beach.

But her ordeal was far from over.

Hurt, and bleeding from her head, she was still able to walk. But the practically deserted area had the aforementioned 250-foot cliffs…and thick fog covering the beach where Angela walked.

Not only were passers-by infrequent, but they had almost no chance of noticing Angela.

About the third day, Angela began to feel dehydrated. Fortunately, she found a hose which allowed her to siphon water from a nearby natural spring.

Angela walked the beach for a week and cried out to cars as they passed by.

But no drivers heard her.

Finally, two hikers heard Angela’s desperate cries. Angela was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where she received treatment for a brain hemorrhage, fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, broken collar bones, and ruptured blood vessels.

Angela will have a long recovery, but fortunately, she’ll be okay.

You Never Know When a Survival Kit Might Save the Day

Look, at, we’re not the doomsday preaching types. We don’t tell you to prepare for a nuclear apocalypse and build an underground bunker that could help you survive for another 20 years.

There’s a minute chance of something like that happening.

But we’re more practical and want you to prepare for something that’s more likely.

Even Angela’s case may rise to a greater emergency than you’ll ever face.

However, a Survival Kit could prepare you for a situation like hers, and many other minor emergencies that could pop up.

With all the right medical supplies, food, water, a flare gun, and anything else you can think of at your disposal, you can make it through an emergency much more comfortably.

More than likely, you’ll never need your survival kit for an emergency like this. But if you do have it, that could make all the difference in the world.