TacOps Ammunition – 45 ACP 185 Gr, Solid Copper HP (Per 20)


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The TacOps series from PNW Arms is geared to Tier One operators that want the absolute pinnacle in ballistics performance. These custom developed solid copper hollow point bullets fully expand at normal pressures and are propelled by a low flash powder minimizing the effects of flash during night shooting or covert operations. This allows faster site recovery and more rounds on target to devastating effect. These rounds dont just skew the odds in your favor some would say they make it an unfair fight.
From 1911s to the latest generation .45 ACP hand guns TacOps are the carry ammunition of choice.


– The round design has the advantage of being lighter for faster travel all while producing less felt recoil than standard rounds.
– The solid copper hollow point design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance shooters need to achieve stopping power under adverse conditions. This is new ammunition with precisely metered clean burning American made powder and American made precision bullets. As part of quality control, PNW Arms hand inspects every single round to ensure quality for the discriminating shooter who demands the best.
– Geared to Tier One operators that want the absolute pinnacle in ballistics performance.
– Carry Ammunition of Choice
– .45 ACP – TacOps – Box of 20
– 185 Grain SCHP Bullet
– 965 feet per second
– Proudly made in the USA.


– Ammunition Caliber .45 ACP
– Bullet Manufacturer: PNW Arms
– Bullet Type: Solid Copper Hollow Point
– Bullet Length: .770 inches
– Bullet Weight: 185 grains
– Bullet Diameter: .451 inch
– Sectional Density: .131
– Ballistic Coefficient: .167
– Cartridge Overall Length: 2.260 inches
– Ammunition Type TacOps
– Muzzle Velocity: 965 ft/sec
– Muzzle Energy: 383 ft/lb
– Avg. Chamber Pressure: 19,000 psi
– SAAMI Chamber Pressure: 21,000 psi
– Test Barrel Length: 5.25 inches
– Noise Level: 154.4 dB
– Noise Level (Suppresse

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 2.625 × 1.625 in

Arms, PNW

Bullet Type

Hollow, Point


.45, ACP








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