How to Motivate Your Loved Ones to Prepare

Do your family members sit there and roll their eyes whenever you talk to them about disaster preparedness?

Would you feel happy just to get an eye roll? At least it’s some response!

Motivating family members to find this important can be difficult. And it can affect your relationships at deep levels you may never have anticipated.

Most people with resistant family members try to scare them with apocalyptic scenarios. But, these only increase their resistance. After all, even the worst-case scenario isn’t likely to happen.

That brings us to the first tip:

1. Start by Discussing Small, Relevant Disasters that Could Actually Happen

What’s a disaster that’s happened near you? A shooting at a mall or school? A flash flood? Tornado? Earthquake? Wildfire?

If your family members know there’s a realistic chance of a disaster happening, they’ll at least feel motivated to prepare for that.

While it may never happen to them personally, they know that at least it could happen.

2. Prepare to Overcome Their Objections

You’re already the prepared type. So put that skill into action by writing out your family members’ objections and planning your responses to them.

What will your family say?

Is preparing “too much work?” What if you do all that work…and the disaster never happens? How will you find the money to prepare?

To their “hard work” objection, for example, you can simply tell your family you can easily buy 72-hour preparedness kits.

3. Get Their Feet Wet in a Fun Way

Take your family “camping.” But, turn it into an opportunity to teach your family survival skills.

What young boy doesn’t want to learn how to handle a knife and use it as a survival tool?

Women can be a bit slower to warm up to the idea of survival. They will probably like the idea of spending time with family, so that’s likely the way to motivate them to go camping more frequently.

You can also play up to their need for safety and security by showing them how all these survival tips and skills you want them to learn will protect them in the event of a disaster.

4. What about Doomsday Scenarios?

Are you one who believes in the possibility of a Hurricane-Katrina-type even that affects much of the nation?

There’s a remote chance of something like that happening. But something like that is possible.

However, it’s going to be hard to convince your family just such a circumstance could occur.

If you believe strongly this could happen, your strategy here would be patience and keeping the topic of survival light and fun. If you get forceful and try to push the issue on your family, you’ll only increase their resistance. But if you keep it fun and entertaining, their defenses will drop (at least a little).

Think months and years of winning the war (rather than having to win the battle right now).

Yes, you can get your family to warm up to survival at least a bit. And hopefully these tips have given you beginning steps on just how you can do that.