How to Choose the Right Bugout Bag for You

The nice thing about America is you have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to practically everything.

The confusing thing about America is you have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to practically everything!

In all seriousness, choice for consumers is generally a good thing. You have the power to make decisions that benefit your life. They’re not magically handed to you by someone who pretends to have all the answers.

At a more simplistic level, how do you choose the right bugout bag for your needs?

Well, here’s some things to consider:

1. Comfort

Depending on how you pack your bugout bag and what type of disaster you feel you need to prepare for, your bag may weigh 50, 60, 70, or even 100 pounds.

Now, you’re not necessarily making a mistake and overpacking if you have a 100-pound bag.

…But you’re gonna want to make darn sure your bag feels comfortable with that much weight because who knows how far you’ll have to lug it?

It’s no fun, even in the event of a terrifying disaster, to have a strap that rips at your shoulder or a bag that causes intense lower back pain. You want that comfort so you can move and keep yourself and family safe.

2. Access

Because you’re in an emergency situation, you may need to immediately whip out certain items.

Perhaps you need to grab a small firearm to protect yourself from a rabid stray dog. Maybe you need access to a Epipen to save your allergic family member’s life.

Some bugout bags make quick access easier than others. So, it’s important to plan for those situations as best you can and have a bugout bag that meets your needs.

3. Size

Can you carry 100 pounds on your back for several miles without getting exhausted? Or, will that absolutely drain your energy to the point where you couldn’t protect your safety and that of those with you?

Soldiers get physically conditioned to carry 70 pounds for 10 or more miles, just to put this into perspective.

It may be harder to move with higher weight. But, you can’t be struggling just to make it through. That actually makes you more unsafe.

So, make the size of your bugout bag an important consideration. Generally, if you can carry your desired weight for at least an hour, you’ll be okay. You may even choose to get two, three or four to distribute the weight evenly among everyone in your party.

4. Number and Type of Compartments

What will you actually have with you when you prepare for a disaster?

Perhaps you should start with that first, as that affects what kind of bug-out bag fits your true needs.

However, bugout bags come with all sorts of compartment arrangements and options. It’s just another thing to be aware of.

So that’s what you should consider so you end up with the right bugout bag for your needs.

There’s no perfect answer for everyone…just your answer.