How Much Water Do You Need To Prepare for a Disaster?

You’ve probably heard the mantra that you should have “3 days of water” stored in your home.

However, as this message spread, do you know what Americans actually did?

They didn’t store any water!


Because three days is such a small amount. So, they figure that help will have arrived and they’ll have access to water in that time frame.

Other Guidelines Given Don’t Reveal the Whole Story

Another guideline you may have heard would be to have one gallon of water available per person in your home for each day you believe you won’t have access to clean water.

…But have you ever tried to get by on just a single gallon of water for one day?

Try doing it just once. Set aside one day in a month and have everyone in your family participate.

Give them each their gallon. And then tell them they can only use that gallon for drinking, food preparation, and using the bathroom. That gallon must cover every need for water they have.

Just see how far you get with that much water. And learn what it’s really like to live that way!

By the way, if you can’t make it through the day on just a single gallon, feel free to quit.

No need to torture yourself unnecessarily.

The Point? Learn How Much Water You Really Need!

Everyone’s going to use water differently. You drink and eat a certain way. You need a certain amount of water for going to the bathroom. And you have pets who need their own water too.

And now consider, what would you do if a Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy, both of which caused disastrously unexpected consequences, caused the same amount of damage in your area?

Or, if you don’t live in a hurricane-prone region, what if it floods? What if a terrorist attack happens?

FEMA promises to help you out and make everything okay. But remember their chaotic response during Hurricane Katrina.

Plus, do you know how FEMA actually works?

Your state’s governor must write a letter to FEMA’s director that estimates the amount of aid needed.

…Your governor may be a super-smart person. But, do they really know the exact needs of each and every person?

Yes. You’ll get help. But will you get the help you need when you need it?

That’s why it’s best to prepare yourself to the greatest extent you can, and rely on agencies for backup (not as your primary solution).

So, with this exercise and information at hand, now you can get a better estimate of how much water you should have on hand. And you can easily store that much (and ideally more) so you don’t run into any problems if disaster strikes.