Do You Have a “Bugout Location?”

You have a bugout bag.

…But do you have a “bugout location?”

No, not simply a meeting area for everyone in your family following a disaster.

I mean a place that you could actually live in for a period of time. Ideally, you’d have access to water and hunting so you could live off the land. You’d even have enough property available to grow your own food.

Now that prepares you for every type of disaster – even the most extreme.

But, that’s ideal.

You may not have the ability to afford such a location. And you might not have family members who can, either.

So if that’s the case, then what do you do?

Then you’re best served by living with a friend or family member who lives in a rural location well away from where you currently live.

If you’re seriously concerned about a major disaster happening someday, but they’re not, you can open the discussion by offering to allow them to stay at your place in the event of any disaster.

What If You Don’t Have Any Access to An Isolated Bugout Location?

You may be in just this situation. You live in an urban area. Your family lives well out of the area. And all your friends live in the same urban area as you.

…And yet a major disaster could strike.

What if that disaster makes your home temporarily uninhabitable? What then?

Then you have to fall back on emergency shelters. Typically, these are large schools. Or in the event of large-scale disasters, stadiums.

You could call local organizations like the Red Cross to learn which areas serve as emergency shelters in such situations.

Should this happen, you want to get to these as early as possible. These shelters typically act as temporary holding points where people depart to get transported to permanent locations.

And finally, what if you can’t make it to an emergency shelter?

Then your only option lies in staying at your home. Or perhaps you develop a relationship with your neighbor and create a mutual understanding of how you’ll both take care of each other in the event of a disaster.

Hopefully, you’ll never see a disaster that requires you to use a “bugout location.”

But, it always pays to prepare, right?