How to Choose the Right Bugout Bag for You

The nice thing about America is you have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to practically everything. The confusing thing about America is you have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to practically everything! In all seriousness, choice for consumers is generally a good thing. You have the power to make decisions that benefit your […]

How Much Water Do You Need To Prepare for a Disaster?

You’ve probably heard the mantra that you should have “3 days of water” stored in your home. However, as this message spread, do you know what Americans actually did? They didn’t store any water! Why? Because three days is such a small amount. So, they figure that help will have arrived and they’ll have access […]

Do You Have a “Bugout Location?”

You have a bugout bag. …But do you have a “bugout location?” No, not simply a meeting area for everyone in your family following a disaster. I mean a place that you could actually live in for a period of time. Ideally, you’d have access to water and hunting so you could live off the […]

4 Home Security Tips to Stay Safe During a Disaster

Let’s say you find yourself in the midst of a disaster that leads to civil unrest, but will clearly pass. So, it makes sense to keep yourself planted in your home, rather than to grab your bugout bag and head for the hills. For example, recall the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where criminals ran wild […]

How to Stay Safe During a Summer Heatwave

How easy is this to overlook? Yes, it can get so hot that people die. But you can get so used to the heat that it seems like no big deal, even when it’s dangerous. During the 2003 European Union heatwave, 70,000, yes 70,000, people died! 15,000 of these deaths happened in France alone. Many […]

This Amazing Story Shows The Value of a Survival Kit

Would you believe a woman driving in California plunged off the edge of a cliff, and had to survive on her own for a week before finally getting help? It happened to Angela Hernandez, as reported by NBC News. 23-year-old Angela was driving in Big Sur, California. It’s one of those areas with tall cliffs, […]

Top 5 Objections to Getting a Survival Kit (and Their Answers)

If the rest of your family isn’t the prepared type, it can feel like a monumental task to try to show them the importance of getting a survival kit. The major media, after all, only show the most extreme examples. That’s because they make for interesting news stories people will watch. However, this also leads […]

Top 6 Medications To Keep in Your Survival Kit

What medicines do you truly need in your survival kit? The answer depends a lot on your own situation. And how do you get the supply you need of a prescription medication when you have to fight your insurance company? Fortunately, you can get past the insurance company’s idiocy using one of these tactics: Say […]

3 Advanced Survival Skills You May Not Have Learned Yet

It’s a constant mental battle: how far do you go when learning survival skills? Do you plan for a situation as horrible as that caused by Hurricane Katrina? Do you plan for something far worse? …Or is it most likely you simply get hit by a tornado, which, though destructive, only requires just a short […]

How to Carve a Wooden Bowl with Survival Tools

Okay, so let’s pretend you have to survive in the wild for a while. Maybe a couple weeks or so. …Or maybe there’s no survival issue at all. Perhaps you just want to get your own tools and practice making your own bowl for the fun of it. It feels quite rewarding when you take […]