About Us

We begin as a firearms training school. We taught and continue to teach firearm safety classes, including familiarity training for children and young teens. For the kids, not necessarily shooting skills but respect skills – how to recognize and to understand it is not a toy. Stressing the ironclad rules of gun safety: fingers off the trigger, don’t point a firearm at people and treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

We also train for Concealed Carry in Texas and reciprocal states; and offer pistol, rifle and shotgun training.

Questions arose in class, and we saw articles in the press – a family lost for days, automobile crash strand motorist, tornado strands families — all of which led us to add survival kits and first aid supplies to the www.FTCenter.org website. That really didn’t work. The idea was sound, but the execution was flawed.

We don’t preach and aren’t suggesting a Zombie apocalypse is coming next week- but what is the harm, just in case! Example after example clearly showed a need for Survival Kits and Survival Gear for families who want to be prepared. If you need food supplies for a year to cope, we can help you out at a reasonable cost. But more importantly, it seems a no-brainer that the ability to just grab a bag and take it with you to get by for a day two is generally all that is needed and should be handy.

Now, we believe, as the editors of www.SurvivalKitandGear.com, that everyone should have a “go bag”, “bug out bag”, survival kit or whatever you want to call it. The cost of a bag is just not a big expense — at least not at www.SurvivalKitandGear.com.

Thus, Survival Kit and Gear

In a typical Survival Kit, you will find enough supplies for two people a few days to weeks. Kits also can include supplies for many people for many days. We have Survival Kits for all needs.

The best thing about our kits is they are complete and affordable. You can/should have a kit for each car, your home and friends, and family. If it makes you feel better, you can call the kit a “bug out bag” or “go bag”; it is still affordable.

We even have Survival Kit for your pet, either a dog and a cat. And who wants to forget about pets during a disaster.

We will routinely add survival stories to our website and would love to hear from you. If you have a survival story — of course we prefer it include our kits; but we are a equal opportunity story-teller, any kit is fine. Take the time to share your story with us:Stories@SurvivalKitAndGear.com.

Anything you want to discuss, send us a note. Can’t promise we will respond to every comment, but we will give it a try.

Thanks, let us know what you would like to see in our store.

Best wishes,

The Editors