4 Home Security Tips to Stay Safe During a Disaster

Let’s say you find yourself in the midst of a disaster that leads to civil unrest, but will clearly pass.

So, it makes sense to keep yourself planted in your home, rather than to grab your bugout bag and head for the hills.

For example, recall the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where criminals ran wild in the streets with automatic firearms.

What should you do to prepare your home for such a scenario?

Some thoughts:

1. Make Your Home Difficult and Unattractive to Enter

A determined crook may try to force entry. In all cases though, even in situations involving a serious disaster, crooks want a quick-and-easy return on their efforts. They don’t want a challenging time getting what they want.

They want to be in, out, and on their way to the next victim.

So, the harder you make your home to enter, the better. Security cameras help you survey your territory and track movement. Motion detection lights reveal crooks’ location. Reinforced locks give you several minutes to prepare. Signs promoting your willingness to protect your home with firearms discourage entry also.

Use safety glass or even metal bars to reinforce your windows and protect them from breaking.

And finally, if you’re comfortable and trained, keep a firearm of your choice in your home.

2. Use Automation to Your Advantage

Set your interior lights on timers so they come on at midnight or two in the morning. Sure, that won’t deter hardened criminals who really want to be inside your home. But it will scare away some.

Do the same with other electronic appliances around your home, like your TV or stereo. Yes, criminals might find those attractive to steal. But if you’ve taken other preventative security measures, these will help.

You can also draw your blinds so crooks can’t see exactly what you have that might be to their liking.

If you’re in a confrontation with crooks, leaving on your stereo works to your advantage. They can’t hear you moving around, while you know their location.

3. Make Sure You Have an Anti-Theft Device on Your Car

Again, don’t make it any easier for crooks than you have to. Don’t forget to protect your car also.

Your car may be extremely valuable in a Hurricane-Katrina-like situation. And it could even be used to drive through your front door or window if crooks decide you have something they absolutely must have.

4. Use Nature to Your Advantage

Use cactuses, nature’s barbed-wire fences. Plant Mesquite cactuses around the perimeter of your home.

You can also use trees and shrubs to plant around your home simply to block the view inside.

Finally, the best thing to do during a disaster is to keep your family, and yourself, safe. Things can be fixed or replaced. But you, and your family members, cannot.

So if you have to give in to crooks’ demands, feel like you’ve done your job if it keeps everyone safe and healthy.